Fire safety in rolling stock

The publication in March 2013 of standard EN 45545 marked a before and after in regulation on materials’ fire behaviour, firewalls, electrical equipment and installations in the European rail industry since any conflicting national regulations must withdrawn before March 2016.

The objectives of standard EN 45545 are to decrease the risk of ignitability, control its speed and extinguishing, as well as minimize damage that products generated during the fire (heat, smoke, and toxic gases) may cause among passengers and crew. This standard is not applicable to rolling stock transporting freight.

The standard is divided into the following parts:

  • Part 1: General, including car categories
  • Part 2: Materials and components fire behaviour requirements (e.g. cables)
  • Part 3: Firewall resistance requirements
  • Part 4: Rolling stock fire safety requirements
  • Part 5: Electrical equipment fire safety requirements
  • Part 6: Control command and signalling and fire management
  • Part 7: Liquid and flammable gas installations fire safety requirements

It also divides cars into four kinds  (N, A, D y S) by use and decks. As established in both classifications, materials that make up each kind of rolling stock, according to the following table, must meet hazard levels  HL1, HL2 y HL3:

Sumtraffic® by Sumcab Tailor Made Cables cables were tested and certified by Scientific Institute of Public Service (ISSeP) to be used according to EN45545-2 inside passenger carrying rolling stock according to the maximum hazard level, HL3.


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