SUMCAB: Cable manufacturer with CPR certification

In accordance with the market demand, and in order to continue to offer a wide range of solutions to our customers, we keep increasing the number of products with CPR certification. Up until now, we have more than 40 products families in compliance with this demanding regulation.

Two years ago, we invested in the required resources to face this new challenge called CPR. We created a Work Group comprised of Industrial Engineers who, together with our Technical Department, R & D and Quality, develop the design and certification of new products. The needs of the market and our customers are always considered to develop a high security and economically viable product.

With an extensive experience in solutions counseling and design, this new department meets all types of inquiries related to the CPR Regulation, ensuring that our cables meet the requested requirements in each project.

Erwin Opazo
Industrial Project Engineer (PMC)

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