Sumcab develops and supplies cables for the ITER project

High-security and radiation-resistant cables.

Sumcab Tailor Made Cables was selected to design and supply high-security cables for the ITER project.
Low and medium voltage control cables, with special fire-protection features. It also has cables with high resistance to radiation.

The cable developed by Sumcab
has special fire-protection features.
It also has excellent resistance
to radiation.

Sumcab Tailor Made Cables

Design and manufacture of customized cables

The Sumcab Tailor Made Cables production centre, located in the town of Sant Pol de Mar (Province of Barcelona – Spain -) is part of the Sumcab Specialcable Group, a specialist in the design, manufacture and distribution of special electric cables.
Sumcab’s turnover is €50M (2016) and the company has more than 20 years’ experience in markets such as industrial automation, industrial plants, traffic and green energy.

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What is the ITER Project?

ITER is a large-scale scientific experiment aiming to demonstrate that it is possible to produce energy commercially via nuclear fusion. Participants in the conceptual design of ITER activities chose this word to express their common aspirations that the project could lead to the development of a new form of energy. The original acronym (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is no longer used. 1986, that aims to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of nuclear fusion. It is a very complex project, devised in 1986, that aims to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of nuclear fusion.

ITER is being built in Cadarache (France) and will cost 14 billion euros, making it the fifth most expensive project in history, after the Apollo Programme, the International Space Station, the Manhattan Project and the development of the GPS system. ITER also means “the path” in Latin, and this double meaning reflects ITER’s role in perfecting nuclear fusion as a large-scale energy source for peaceful uses.

What is ITER’s objective?

Its objective is to test all the elements required for the construction and operation of a nuclear fusion reactor that would serve as a commercial demonstration, in addition to bringing together the technological and scientific resources of the research programmes developed at the time by the Soviet Union, the United States, Europa (through EURATOM) and Japan.

ITER is sponsored by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), as a way to share project costs.

Sumcab Specialcable Group