Sumline® RCC HN 33-S-34 0.6/1kV

Sumcab has developed the Sumline® RCC 0.6/1kV cable for signalling, control, measurement and power distribution circuits in Transformer Substations (TS).

A transformer substation is a fixed installation whose function is to establish the conversion of the high voltage values from the substations into medium voltage values for the transmission and distribution of electricity. In this type of stations, electromagnetic interferences that can reach sensitive devices that are located on the same level or in the vicinity cause deficiencies in their correct operation.

In order to reduce the possibility of interference in radiocommunication services and ensure a normal electrical supply, the cable designed by Sumcab has a special corrugated screen and electrical parameters that meet the requirements of the French standard HN 33-S- 34, which provide both very good electromagnetic protection against external interference, and mechanical protection.

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