SUMCAB ROBOTICS, cabling solutions for Industrial Robots

Sumcab Robotics has secured its position as a provider of maximum reliability and service for very specific solutions within the growing Industrial Robotics market. We offer consultancy and study in the design of special applications based on the customer’s need for the most efficient solution.
The technical design of our products is adjusted to the quality and approval requirements and compliance on the basis of the main manufacturer’s standards.

Energy packages

We are specialists in cable guidance systems for tooling installed in industrial robots. Our objective is reduced downtime, both for preventive maintenance and breakdowns.

The MTPReel™ System

Our MTPReel® product has been developed to improve safety and prevent accidents in industrial environments in an intelligent way. Its main function is to automatically retract the cable from the Teach Pendant, preventing it from being left on the ground and causing an accident or the cable itself from being damaged. This lengthens the useful life of the cable as well as the manual programming device (MPD).

Connection, adaptation and extension cables for manual programming devices (MPD)

Special cables ready for connection! In our range of products, you can find a wide range of connection, adaptation and extension cables for manual programming devices available for almost all generations of existing controllers in the market.

Connecting cable for Sumflex® Mechatronic robot

In the Sumflex® Mechatronic product range, you can find our robot connection cables designed especially for engine power and control signals transmission for a reliable supply of 6 motion drive servomotor to FANUC (R30iA/R30iB) and KUKA(KRC4) industrial robots. These cables are supplied for a fixed installation or cable track for Motion Track F7 with the Plug & Play solution.

Expect High Performance

Adolfo Ibáñez
Product Manager Industrial Automation & Robotics