SUMCAB ROBOTICS, official provider to TESLA, Inc.

The US company has officially approved the MTPReel™ for its production line

As part of their mission to work continuously on improving facilities at their US factory in Fremont, California, the leading company in the electric car sector, TESLA, Inc. has chosen our product, MTPReel™.

The MTPReel™ System from SUMCAB

A patented automatic cable retrieval system for control panels on Industrial Robots .

The MTPReel™ winds in the robot’s control panel cable safely and semi-automatically, using a retractable spring system. By doing this, it makes the workspace a safe area, since the cable is not left in a hazardous position, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and significantly increasing plant productivity.
Other benefits include a reduction of the cable’s exposure to the environment, easing the cleaning and care of the cable, and facilitating its maintenance; its useful life is extended thanks to the protection offered, and a saving is made on possible repair costs

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