Sumcab Robotics, a comprehensive solution.

At Sumcab Robotics we specialise in cable guide systems for tooling systems installed in industrial robots, the so-called energy packets.
Thanks to our extensive experience in the sector over more than 20 years, we provide solutions for every client need.

The keys to our success when it comes to providing correct solutions are:

  • A lot of know-how backed by over 20 years’ experience in the sector along with highly qualified and well-trained staff.Extraordinaria calidad de sus componentes.
  • The extraordinary quality of the parts.
  • Quick delivery of products, with record delivery times and immediate technical support.
  • Guidance and study of the design for special applications according to the client’s needs.

The philosophy of Sumcab Robotics involves providing a quality of service that lives up to the quality of its products: installation and optimization, knowing that this is 50% of the product.
We work hand-in-hand with the client, from the design stage until final delivery, and work side by side with the programmers in order to obtain the most effective solution.

Our main aims with the energy packets are:: to reduce downtime, both in terms of preventive maintenance as well as breakdowns. We know that this is of crucial importance and that there is less and less time to carry it out due to production demands, and cost saving in the medium term. The main car manufacturers back our claim: Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche.

Also, our  MTPReel®  product has been developed to improve safety and intelligently avoid accidents in industrial environments where industrial robots are operating, regardless of the brand or manufacturer. The function of MTPReel® is to automatically collect the cable from the Teach Pendant, thereby preventing it from being left lying on the ground, thereby avoiding accidents and possible damage to the cable.

Attendance at Automatica 2014, in the city of Munich – Germany, between 3 and 6 June, confirms our successful international impact, managing to obtain more than 200 potential new clients from 14 different countries. We have the support of the leading manufacturers of industrial robots. Fanuc and Yaskawa trusted in our energy packet as the ideal complement for their SpotWelding applications. The company Zeiss, an expert in the design of artificial vision control, has also chosen the Sumcab Robotics energy pack in order to install it in an ABB robot and display its use. Trusting in Sumcab Robotics and its products is synonymous with success.

Finally, with the mentality that has defined the identity of Sumcab Specialcable Group in the market, Sumcab Robotics produce custom made robotics cables that possess extraordinary flexibility and resistance to wear caused by movement. Our ongoing design of special cables validates our standing as one of the best suppliers of custom made cables with immediate delivery.