Special cables for Marine & Subsea Technology

Sumcab is able to provide more than 5.000 different types of cable for every application, whether marine, submarine or oceanographic. We seek innovation and, for this reason, appreciate how important it is to develop new technologies able to provide our customer the best possible solution. With this in mind, we analyze each case on its on merits, yet another reason why our cables are considered so reliable and fit-for-purpose, even in extreme conditions.

An extensive range of cables
for any harsh
environment conditions 

  • Towing cables
  • Neutrally/positively buoyant cables
  • Floating cables
  • Torque balanced cables
  • Sea bottom cables
  • Water blocked cables
  • Hybrid cables
  • Fiber Optic elements fitted cables
  • Air, gas and fluid hoses fitted cables
  • Data elements up to CAT 7 fitted cables
  • Customized single lengths

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