Relating to the quality of water intended for human consumption

(3 November 1998)

Quality drinking water

Protecting health while guaranteeing access to drinking water for all of the public is one of the main objectives on a worldwide level. Accordingly, the European Union, through Directive 98/83/EC, establishes parameters and the maximum permissible parametric values for guaranteeing the quality of water intended for human consumption.


General Obligations

All of the member states must ensure that drinking water:

  • Does not contain a concentration of microorganisms, parasites or other substances that represent a potential danger to human health.
  • Complies with the minimum requirements (microbiological, chemical and those relating to radioactivity) established by the Directive.
  • Adopt any other necessary measures in order to guarantee the health and cleanliness of water intended for human consumption.

Suitability for the transportation of drinking water

In order to guarantee that consumers have access to pure and clean water that is fit for consumption, it is necessary to fulfil different conditions. Responsibility for water quality lies with a series of actors involved in the process for treating, distributing and transporting water to homes. This includes guaranteeing the correct choice of materials for installation. Professional planning and regular maintenance of the drinking water system. This is the only way to guarantee functioning with reliability, functionality and service capacity for the installation of drinking water in the long term.


Approvals & Certifications

In order to comply with the quality of water supplied, a compliance certificate will be required for all of the materials and equipment that comes into contact with water during the distribution of water that is intended for human consumption.
In the European community there is different certification for that purpose:


Common cables for submersible pumps without certification do not guarantee faithful compliance with the security regulations that are required by the European Directive.

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