SUMODRIVE – the new generation of Cables for Cable Chains  

UL & CSA certified.
Manufactured in Spain.
Designed to withstand 1 to 10 Mio of bending movements (depending on the application).
Extremely small bend radius.
Wide range in stock (Ethernet, Control, Power).
Made to measure cuts.
24h delivery nationwide.

Guaranteed reliability & quality

The cables for cable chains power and/or control mobile machines and therefore it is of vital importance to guarantee perfect operation of the system (Transport of energy, control, data and communication).
During the useful life of a cable, it will be subject to millions of movements in very limited space, friction, very high movement speeds as well as constant accelerations and decelerations.
Other factors such as bend radius, severe industrial environments, service temperature and contact with aggressive chemical products will also affect the longevity of the cable.

To respond to these needs, Sumcab offers a wide range of special cables for cable chains.
We develop and manufacture special cables that comply with the most demanding requirements for mechanical resistance, chemical aggression and thermal range. Cables for use in automated machinery, cable chains or industrial robots. The cables must withstand millions of bending, always with very small bend radii (5 x d). As well as this, they must be resistant to a wide variety of additional environmental effects, such as variable temperatures, oils/greases and/or chemical products.

In order to comply with said demands, our cables for movement are tested in our own laboratory with a testing system. This system of our own design verifies the cables with rapid accelerations and decelerations and with continuous efforts of traction and bending. European companies that are leaders in the automotive sector already trust in our products, providing the necessary approvals for use in their production plants.

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