Country: Spain

City: Saragossa

Delegation Aragón

C/ Francisco Ferrer, Local 5, Local Derecha
E-50018 Zaragoza – Spain
41°40’46.4″N   0°53’26.8″W

Phone. +34 93 381 78 76
Fax.+34 93 462 79 80

Contact person

Ventura Garrido
Aragón Delegate


Zaragoza is a crossroads, a meeting place. It is now home to almost 700.000 inhabitants, more than half of the total number living in Aragón. It opens its doors onto a modern and convenient city bathed by the Ebro and its tributaries. It is a city with a lot of history to tell. Zaragoza offers visitors a wealth of historic and artistic heritage, the result of its more than two thousand years of history, making its title of the “City of Four Cultures” very well-deserved.
In 2008, Zaragoza hosted an international exhibition whose central theme was Water and sustainable development. The event also made its mark on the city with constructions such as the Third Millennium Bridge, the Bridge Pavilion and the Water Tower.


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